We are Auxin

Auxin is a promising Media Consultancy firm based out of Bhubaneswar with a passion to create 360-degree solutions for its clients, in the field of media & communication. Armed with in-depth market knowledge, experienced professionals, and out-of-the-box ideas, we are a single-window solution for all your communication needs. Auxin was started in the year 2014 with a team of people with diverse opinions, cultures & passions, united with a common desire to create new things. Today, we have a team of professional experts in all verticals, providing customized strategies for clients, irrespective of their size or scale of business. It’s in Auxin’s culture to encourage intellectual curiosity, debates & ‘deep dive’ sessions within our teams to unleash fresh ideas & strategies for better, faster, and more sustainable outcomes. We keep a constant track of competition activity, changing market trends & evolving media opportunities, so as to consistently stay ahead of the market and provide our clients with the much-needed edge over others. Creativity, passion, speed & ethics are the driving forces of Auxin.


Soma Bhattacharjee,Founder, AUXIN
Starting her career as a news reader at RSTV Rourkela, Soma has 20 years of experience in the field of media & communication, 10 years out of which were successfully spent with the Times of India Group, Bhubaneswar. Her aesthetic & articulate mind makes her an excellent content developer . Soma believes in a 360 degree approach & innovative concepts to establish optimal engagement with desired target groups, in a hyper connected world. Talent , passion & a bit of madness are her main driving forces. She plays a pivotal role in the visualizing & deep dive sessions that precede the planning of every campaign .

Debasish Mukherjee ,Co Founder, AUXIN
Debasish has 28 years experience in the field of media which includes 21 years with The Times of India Group ,in various locations across the country. He headed The Times of India Bhubaneswar branch in the last 7 years of his career. A transformational team leader with in-depth administrative skills he efficiently manages his team through challenging terrains of today’s competitive world. His excellent public relation skills and a strong network across Media Houses pan India, is an added advantage for Auxin. Debasish has deep insights of the ever evolving media industry and keeps abreast of all market trends to adapt suitably

Our Team